Dirt Race !! 2015

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Dirt Race !! 2015
April 5, 2015
Roadshakers, Pune
March 10, 2015
Roadsahkers Dirt Race 2015
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Moshi , Pune, India

Hi Roadshakers,

Get ready for a high octane dirt racing event organized by your very own club. The event will take place at Moshi on 5th April 2015. Your riding skills will be tested in following categories:


  1. Novice 350cc – inexperienced riders riding 350 cc bikes of RE make.


  1. Novice 500cc – inexperienced riders riding 500 cc bikes of RE make.


  1. Mavin 350 cc- experienced riders riding 350 cc bikes of RE make.


  1. Mavin 500 cc – experienced riders riding 500 cc bikes of RE make.


  1. Women riders- women riders riding RE bikes of any class.


  1. Open class- no barrier on class of RE bikes. Both 350 cc and 500 cc riders can participate in this category

Safety First:

Riders failing to adron following riding gears won’t be allowed to participate in the race:

  1. Full face helmet.
  2. Full length gloves
  3. Boots, which should cover your ankle
  4. Jacket with all safety specifications
  5. Knee, Elbow and Shin guards.
  6. Remove bikes Mirror, Guards, headlight on the race day.


We will have 18 trophies as prize few people have came forward to sponsor the trophies from our club itself. If any one wish to contribute for trophies or any help can contact Pravin Patil on +91 99 70 180867. 

Yes there would be nominal Entry fee for the Race to bear the expenses that may occur during the arrangements.

We will be having 2-3 practice and training sessions before 5th April. So be ready for that.

Get yourself registered in the relevant categories. For registration contact:

Aruun Zanje –  +91 99 70 400679

Hardeep Singh- +91 95 45 900043


Prepare your bike and your mind for a high adrenaline rush!


Hardeep Singh