Gadda Mania…!!! 2015

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Gadda Mania…!!! 2015
March 6, 2015 6:00 am
March 8, 2015 7:00 pm
Gadda Mania
February 2, 2015
Gadda Mania
Google Map
Lonnar Crater, Lonar, buldana , MS, 443302, India

Hi Guys,

Its time for Gadda Mania…!!! Ride to Lonar crater lake (Buldhana)

Since March 2008, this ride is happening every year at the same place just to enjoy with Bullet Buddies across the nation.

Various clubs join to have fun & to know each other..

Please lock you dates – 6, 7 & 8 March 2015 (Fri, Sat & Sun).

Mail is coming to you quite in advance… So you can have ample of time to adjust other works accordingly and to lock these dates.

As discussed on Wednesday meet, there will be a Ride for Gadda Mania at Lonar (Buldhana) on 6th to 8th March 2015 (Fri, Sat & Sun).

Meeting Place – Phoenix Mall, Nagar Road

Date- 6th Mar 2015

Meeting time- 6:00 am

Leaving time- 06:30 am

Approx Distance – 800 Km round trip.

Route as below-  Ahmadnagar- Aurangabad- Jalana- matmal Lonar Road

FOR Google Map– ®      Please click here ↵

Things to carry for the bike:

  1. Toolkit
  2. Spark Plug
  3. AC Cables (Accelerator and Clutch)
  4. Tubes (Front & rear)
  5. Adjustable Spanner
  6. Chain Link
  7. 1 meter electrical wire

Things to carry for yourself:

  • Enough Water for yourself which will keep you hydrated.
  • Tank up should be done before reaching to meet point.
  • Riders without safety gears mentioned below, will not allowed to take part in the ride.

Carry original or at least photocopies of all the required valid papers:

  1. Driver’s License.
  2. Registration Certificate.
  3. Vehicle insurance papers.
  4. Pollution Under Control Certificate
  5. Mediclaim insurance card.


  1. Full face helmet.
  2. Full length gloves
  3. Boots, which should cover your ankle
  4. Jacket with all safety specifications
  5. Knee, Elbow and Shin guards.

Riders Confirmed on Wednesday Meet for ride are..

1. Pravin Patil

2. Arun Pawar

3. Krishna Paravatkar

4. Abhijeet Chaudhari

5. Atish Gaikwad

6. Mayank Shahi

7. Sanjay Vighne

8. Rohan Temghere

9. Sachin Bhiungade

10. Mandar Shahane

11. Amrish Trived

12. Bhagirath Kalele

13. Vishal Agashe

14. Devashish Dekane

15. Seshigiri

16. Abhishek Pande

Guys, as per Quality, entire nation knows Roadshakers, very well….! Now its time to show everybody, the Quantity also…!!!

Please lock these dates and join in huge number to have maximum fun with all hardcore riders across the nation.

Please give your names to 

Rohan +91 99 70 000806

Devashish Dhekane +91 92 25 777686


Ride Safe

Rohan / Devashish