Ganpatipule 1st and 2nd june 2013

Hey Guys,

We had a superb and an eventful ride to Ganpatipule on the 1st and the 2nd of June 2013.

Day 1- 1st June 2013

With a count of 7 riders, we started the ride at 6 am from City Pride, Satara road. Jatin lead the group while Sam swept. Abhishek Pradhan was accompanied by his wife (pillion) and joined the group near Shirwal. So in all we were 9 riders and 1 pillion. Following is the list of the riders:

  1. Yesshwant More- LB 500
  2. Sam Sharma- TB 500
  3. Ranjeet Pundlik- TB 500
  4. Kunal Umarjikar- Electra 350
  5. Abhishek Inamdar- C 500
  6. Baljeet Gill – TB 500
  7. JatinSalunkhe – LB 500
  8. ArjayPramanik – C500
  9. Abhishek Pradhan (+1 – Mihika) – Electra 350

We started from city pride and took the NH 4 and decided to regroup for breakfast at the Mahabaleshwarphata on NH4. Chotu after starting from his place in the morning, broke his right foot rest. He eventually caught Alex near the airport (who was on his morning walk :D) and got the foot rest fixed and joined us at the breakfast meeting point.

Apna sweep.Sam had a tough time just before climbing the Khambatkighat. We all were riding at decent speeds, when his bike’s gear shift lever came out suddenly. The bike was in the 5th gear and the ghat was just about to start. We tried fixing it but then realised that the Hex Key set was with Yesshwant, who was already ahead of us. So we then decided to cross the ghat and fix the lever at the regroup point. Sam then very nicely crossed the ghat with the bike in the 5th gear and reached the breakfast point.By the time we started to fix Sam’s bike and have our breakfast, Chotu also reached and joined us here. So the group go together at this first regroup point. We all enjoyed pohe, misal, chai sutta etc.

Just after leaving from here, after a kilometre or so, apna lead Jatin had a flat rear tire. We fortunately found a puncture wala nearby. Also, realised that Jatin’s and Kunal’s bike required oil top up. So while Yesshwant and Sam waited with Jatin to get the tube changed, Kunal went ahead to get oil topped up and we others pushed ahead to regroup at Karadphata. We reached the phata in an hour or so and waited for the others to regroup. We then had a small sutta break there and continued through AmbaGhat.

We stopped 80 kms before Ganpatipule for refuelling. Thanks to Jatin to be our live GPS as he lead the group perfectly in terms of navigating the route. From there, we had a very scenic and fast ride to Ganpatipule. So by 1.30 pm, we were already at the Nakshatra Resort, Ganpatipule. The best part of the ride was that we had no rider who was keeping the group slow. Just to mention, Abhishek Pradhan, with a pillion, kept throughout with all of us. All maintained nice speeds and coordinated well.

We reached and checked in at the Nakshatra beach resort, which is 2 kms from the main Ganpatipule village. Thanks to apnaPravinPatil for helping us choose the resort (the resort is owned by Pravin’s friend). The resort was a very nice, slient and a cozy place to stay in and just to add to the beauty of it, we had the beach right in front of our rooms! What a view from the resort (I guess most of you might have seen some pics uploaded on the ROADSHAKERS facebook group).

Everyone was damn hungry and enjoyed a nice and fulfilling lunch. Kunal headed solo to Ratnagiri to get his bike’s rear sprocket changed while all others had a small nap post which some of us decided to go to the beach and the temple. Six of us including Sam, Chotu, Jatin, Arjay, Abhishek and me went to the beach and the temple. We had a good historical gyaan sharing session by Jatin about the temple and the village. We had a very nice and peaceful darshan there that evening.

Post the darshan, we all got into our party mood! Arjay’s (in his afternoon recee) found out some beer and alcohol shops. So we loaded lots of beer and returned to the resort. We enjoyed the beer with some very delicious starters accompanied by the rains outside! Chotu, Yesshwant, Jatinetc shared lots of their ride experiences. We all had loads of chit chat and loads of alcohol. Just to mention, Arjay, who was very happily high (his Old Monk effect) had a nice arm wrestling session with Sam and we all enjoyed the same. This was followed up by dinner and the 1st day of the ride was called off at 1 am.


Day 2 – 2ndJune 2013

The second day started early at 6.30 am. While some of us enjoyed nice coffee in the garden, Kunal, Anhishek and Mihika went for their morning darshan to the temple. We had heavy breakfast at the resort and geared up for the return ride.

During the breakfast, we contemplated on the route options for the return ride and then decided to head to chiplun and then to poladpur via the NH 17. We had a refuelling break at sangameshwar and a sutta and cold drink break at poladpur. NH 17 was a real fun to ride. Beautiful and clean tarmac to ride on with scenic ghats. We had a wonderful time then.

After crossing poladpur, just before Mahabaleshwar, we encountered rains near pratapgarh and fully got drenched. While most of us waited for some time for the rains to subside, Sam and Yesshwant continued ahead.

Post this point, we had a small miscommunication regarding the regrouping. We were to regroup at Shreyas, Mahabaleshwar, which a group of riders (including Kunal, me and Arjay) missed and continued till NH 4 junction, while some others waited at shreyas. We realised this error later (which lead to a delay of almost an hour) and noted the same to be avoided in the future rides. Since then, we have realised the importance of briefing and proper clear instructions and would always be taken care of in the future rides. My apologies to the other riders for the same.

We encountered lot of traffic on NH 4 on our way back to pune, especially at Shirwal and KhedShivapur. Our last regroup point was the Katraj Junction where we waited for some time before our final dispersal to our respective places.

All in all, it was a fantastic ride, with minimum breakdowns, nice stay, many nice ghats and last but not the least, a group of very nice riders. This was the first ROADSHAKERS ride to Ganpatipule and cheers to all who made it.

I thank you all again for this wonderful experience and hope for some more such rides in the near future.

Proud to ride with ROADSHAKERS!!
Ride Safe

Ranjeet Pundlik
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