The ROADSHAKERS was established as a club on 17th October, 2001, when a group of Enfield riders in Pune realized that the love and respect they possessed for their motorcycles was shared by a large number of Enfield owners in the city, and that there was a need to bring all these enthusiasts together, for the growth of a constructive biking culture. Starting with an initial membership of four, the Roadshakers have grown today into a huge family of active riders, and over 350 online members.

Riding runs in the blood of Roadshakers. We exhibit our love for biking and promote a healthy biking culture in the city by the means of weekly city rides. These rides form the basis of recruitment of new members into the club, and also act as occasions for discussion and bonding between current members. It is, however, outside city limits, out on the highways, on the country roads, and dusty off-road pathways, that the true spirit of the Roadshakers lies. Our long distance rides have included various destinations from all parts of India; from scenic places around Pune, to the highest motorable road in the world at Khardungla.

Discipline and brotherhood are the qualities that we endeavor to inculcate among ourselves. It is a matter of little surprise, then, that we are often labeled as one of the best riding clubs in India. We ride together as a family, and the strength of these bonds is demonstrated by our motto, “Leave No Man Behind”. What really drives us into wanderlust, however, is our eternal and boundless love for this beautiful machine, the legendary Royal Enfield.