Welcome to Roadshakers

The ROADSHAKERS was established as a club on 17th October, 2001, when a group of Enfield riders in Pune realized that the love and respect they possessed for their motorcycles was shared by a large number of Enfield owners in the city, and that there was a need to bring all these enthusiasts together, for the growth of a constructive biking culture. Starting with an initial membership of four, the Roadshakers have grown today into a huge family of active riders, and over 350 online members.

Riding runs in the blood of Roadshakers. We exhibit our love for biking and promote a healthy biking culture in the city by the means of weekly city rides. These rides form the basis of recruitment of new members into the club, and also act as occasions for discussion and bonding between current members. It is, however, outside city limits, out on the highways, on the country roads, and dusty off-road pathways, that the true spirit of the Roadshakers lies. Our long distance rides have included various destinations from all parts of India; from scenic places around Pune, to the highest motorable road in the world at Khardungla.

Discipline and brotherhood are the qualities that we endeavor to inculcate amongst ourselves. It is a matter of little surprise, then, that we are often labeled as one of the best riding clubs in India. We ride together as a family, and the strength of these bonds is demonstrated by our motto, “Leave no man behind”. What really drives us into wanderlust, however, is our eternal and boundless love for this beautiful machine, the legendary Royal Enfield.


ROADSHAKERS defined rules:

1. ROADSHAKERS is a private limited company and follows all the rules and policies which are designed as per law for a private limited company.

2. Five Core committee members are responsible to take decision & bring them into empowerment, but they are also individual like all who have volunteered to do this for the passion which we all share & betterment of our club, to maintain its brotherhood, they are always open to suggestions and will not do things under any pressure of any kind by any one.

3. ROADSHAKERS as a club won’t participate in any promotional activity or event sent by anyone. Club will be participating only in events which inculcate the competitive spirit of riding which in turn helps to enhance riding skills and make him or her a better rider. Few examples are – Rider Mania (Club & RE), Raid-De- Himalaya, Nasik Rally, Rally de Bengaluru, Race to the clouds (Nandi Hills) etc. Also ROADSHAKERS as club would take part in the rides meant for social cause like AIDS awareness, Helmet Awareness etc.

4. Everyone today in our club is a matured person/rider who knows how to behave & present himself in front of others. They know their own limits and we can only draw limits but can’t go on defining limits for each and every individual rider. But, if in any case any rider crosses the set limits in any manner of verbal abuse, not abiding to any rules and policies mentioned in this mentioned list, the individuals will have to give explanation to the committee & anyone having any issues related to any rider on above topics can directly speak to committee members. Committee members will take decision and standing against him or her as per prevailing circumstances prima facie. We will be monitoring riders on these points too, either he be a Core or a Non-Core member.

5. To set comfort level for every rider, Core committee members are bringing back the mentor system and these mentors will take care of creating a proper Environment in the club and provide feedback to committee members on regular basis.This activity is WIP.

6. Skills such as how to ride your bike in various weather condition safely with riding gear (basic), First Aid, Basic bike maintenance in emergency, such skills will be developed by the mentors & older core members to new upcoming riders of the club. Talent such of Dirt Riding & Rallies will also be promoted & Specific riders from our club with good experience in this field will guide the new Rider too. Technical sessions, Ghats Riding Sessions & First Aid sessions will be conducted from time to time for such skill developments. These will also help the mentors to monitor every rider & he will also be keeping a record of it & will be reporting to the committee members. These records will help as pillars for deciding core membership of a particular rider.

7. ROADSHAKERS as a club has been practicing the system of CORE & NON-CORE members for a long time now and hence the Core Committee members have decided not to dissolve the initial framework of core and non-core members. The only point of differentiation will be that the CORE Members will have ROADSHAKERS stickers on their respective bikes & Helmets & the club branded “BUFFS” bought by the riders. We also decided to send write up on Roadshakers online group also.

8. Also riders will be considered for core members only on basis of below mentioned facts: – Every new rider aspiring to become core member should be a responsible rider. – By responsible rider we mean that not only he has to keep up with the group but also be a safe rider at the same time. – He should be technically sound and should know the basic technicalities of the bike – His dedication should show in terms of initiatives taken on rides and club events. – Number of rides the person has done with the club.

9. Riders coming for rides will be sent back if found falling into any of the below mentioned categories: – Without proper riding gears (Full-face helmet, full gloves, keen guard, shin guard, ankle length shoes, and Jacket are compulsory) – Tank up not done before coming for ride (It is his or her will to catch up later) – Coming in an inebriated condition 10. Core Committee will take the decision on any unlisted topic here in as an when situation arrives. Please note all these rules are for making us and our club a better and rejuvenating place and no personal vengeance and chicanery is involved while making these rules.

10Things to carry for the bike: 

1. Toolkit 2. Spark Plug 3. ABC Cables (Accelerator, Brake and Clutch) 4. Tube 5. Headlamp Bulb 6. Adjustable Spanner 7. Chain Link 8. One meter electrical wire 9. Bungee cords to tie down your luggage 10. Some engine oil of your preference.

 11. Carry original or at least photocopies of all the required valid papers:

1. Driver’s License 2. Registration Certificate 3. Insurance 4. Pollution Under Control Certificate. 5. Medical insurance card.


Riders without proper safety gears would be sent back so kindly adhere to these minimum.

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